Baby Cellular Blanket Progress

The big clear out

The festive break was spent clearing out my study so we can change it into a nursery ahead of our new arrival in the coming months. I didn’t realise until I started, just how much crafty stuff I had! I’ll admit, the thought of sorting it and moving it all out was quite daunting, but I feel […]

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Flower whisky barrel close up

Whisky flowers

Last year when we were driving back from a visit to a whisky distillery, we passed a sign on the side of the road advertising whisky barrel planters for sale. “Pull in, I want one please!” I shouted, much to everyone’s amusement. After a nice chat with the whisky barrel man and a bit of re-arranging […]

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Do you have food for me?


I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend? We went for a walk today and came across these very inquisitive cows. I think they thought we were going to feed them. The summer weather has taken us outside into the garden more in recent weeks with much less time inside crafting. But I’ve been thinking about taking […]

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A selection of plants from

Green fingers

Our new plants have arrived! have kindly sent us a great selection for our front border. I can’t wait to plant them. I love the colours and textures and I really like the different grasses! Scotland can be a bit chilly and breezy at times, so they have send us ones that will be happy in our […]

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Crochet baby mobile inspiration

I’m seriously considering making a crochet baby mobile at the moment. I’m just trying to decide what the theme should be!? Any suggestions? There’s some great inspiration on Pinterest. I love the little aeroplanes, they would be fun to make. Whatever I do go for it’s definitely got to be fun, happy and full of […]

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RunBalmoral 5K

Run a 5K race. check.

If you’d have asked me a few years ago if I’d ever run a 5K race it’d have probably said no. It wouldn’t have seemed possible to achieve something like that, running was something other people did. Never say never though because after a lot of training and along with 697 other runners at the […]

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Jazzing up my front garden planted border

We have a triangular border in our front garden that could do with a few more plants and some colour. The heather and hydrangea at the front of the picture were there when we moved in. Last year I planted the four behind that to fill in the big gap. I have no what they are! Some of […]

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rattle rabbit

Two-legged rattle rabbit

We are really pleased to have become an auntie and uncle for the first time recently and I’ve been working on this crochet two-legged rattle rabbit the last few weeks for our niece! If you are looking for a small crochet project for a baby then this one is ideal. It didn’t take very long […]

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