Two-legged rattle rabbit

We are really pleased to have become an auntie and uncle for the first time recently and I’ve been working on this crochet two-legged rattle rabbit the last few weeks for our niece!

If you are looking for a small crochet project for a baby then this one is ideal. It didn’t take very long to crochet, the pattern is really easy to follow and there was minimal sewing which is a big plus for me.

I ordered from plastic rattle noise makers online but if you didn’t want it to make a noise it would be just as good without it.

In other news…

I’ve moved my website hosting again and I’m hoping it’s for the last time now! I reached the limits on the free hosting package I was using pretty quickly so I’m on a paid service now which is better. I had a bit of a problem migrating my old posts across and without boring you with the details, I don’t think I’m going to be able to. Not to worry, I’ll just have to write some new ones. :)

With a hint of spring in the air and the warmer weather, I’ve been thinking about what I need to do in the garden. I need to chop back some of the larger bushes ready for the summer and have a bit of a tidy up. I picked up a 4-tier greenhouse and some propagators and I hope to grow some flowers for the first time this year.

I ran 5K for the first time this month! Woot! So excited to have finally got there and a month ahead of the Balmoral 5K I’m running too which I’m really pleased about.

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