Baby Cellular Blanket Progress
Baby Cellular Blanket Progress

The big clear out

The festive break was spent clearing out my study so we can change it into a nursery ahead of our new arrival in the coming months.

I didn’t realise until I started, just how much crafty stuff I had!

I’ll admit, the thought of sorting it and moving it all out was quite daunting, but I feel much better now that it’s all done.

I made myself be ruthless about what stayed and went. I won’t have a study with storage moving forward so everything that I kept had to find a home somewhere else in the house. If I didn’t really need it, it was either sold or given to charity.

I’m left now with an organised collection of just the things I really need and it’s quite a nice feeling.

My yarn stash has been catalogued on Ravelry for easy reference and the wool itself stored in the loft. I have one box of work in progress projects that I intend to carry on with and finish before I start anything new. Ha ha! That’s never going to happen despite my good intentions, I’m already thinking I’d love to make these cute crochet elephants for the nursery! Oh well. How could you not want to make these elephants?!

That said, I have picked up a baby cellular blanket that I started a while ago. Now that we’ll soon have someone to make use of it, I want to get it finished.

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