Top 5 pins I love this September

If you’re a regular reader you’ll be familiar with the series I started at the beginning of the year on my top 5 crochet pins from each month.

Well, I only made it to March and then our little boy came along. So I’ve been focusing my attention on him ever since. I’ve not really been pinning that much and unfortunately the series doesn’t work very well without those!

I’d like to get it the series back up and running now that I’ve got a bit more time again. I’ll still post monthly but what I’ve learnt so far is that I like to pin inspiration and projects on all sorts of crafty subjects. So instead of just focusing on Crochet pins, I’m going to post about whatever I happen to love pinning at the time. I hope that’s OK with you?!

Here goes…

What is shutter speed? I’ve picked up my dusty dSLR camera again now that I have a wriggling, giggling little boy to take pictures of! It’s been fun but he moves so fast I’ve had to brush up on my photography knowledge. Pins like these are so handy to reference when baby brain hits and I can’t remember which setting to choose.

Anything to made gardening easier sounds good to me! With limited time right now we are always looking for an opportunity to optimise tasks. Mowing our lawn is a relatively quick job as we don’t have a huge garden but edging it seems to take forever. I like this idea to use some decorative edging that can be mowed over with the lawnmower.

We decorated our bedroom and had fitted wardrobes built in when we moved into our house nearly 4 years ago. Since then the wall over the bed has looks quite bare. I’ve been meaning to put some pictures on it but haven’t found anything I liked. I just can’t find anything I want to look at for years and years. So instead we’ve added an Ikea RIBBA picture ledge to the wall and I’m going to put some photo frames on it. I like this layout so I think I’ll do something like this.

Artisan bread? Sounds fancy. Our bread maker hasn’t been used for a while. I can’t blame our little boy for this one, I’ve just been lazy. It’s so nice baking bread, even in the bread maker when most of the work is done for you! This pin has inspired me to bake a fresh loaf. It’s not a bread maker recipe but it’s supposed to be much quicker than the traditional method.

Did you have these perler beads as a kid? I did. We got them when we visited the US, before they had made it to the UK. I remember making lots of coasters! This is a fun and different way to use them.

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