Jazzing up my front garden planted border

front garden border

We have a triangular border in our front garden that could do with a few more plants and some colour.

The heather and hydrangea at the front of the picture were there when we moved in.

Last year I planted the four behind that to fill in the big gap. I have no what they are! Some of them are intentionally evergreen so it looked less bare over the winter.

Now that spring is here I think it needs a bit of colour to liven it up, so I’m researching some flowers that might look nice.

I don’t know anything about gardening or selecting plants yet but here’s what I do know about the border.

  • It is north facing and gets some sun in the morning over the top of the house, then more in the late afternoon/evening
  • The soil condition is dry and stoney
  • There is a slatted fence on one side but it is mainly exposed
  • The plant height could be anything from ground level to 1m
  • Temperatures here are roughly -2 °C to 20°C

My long term aim would be for this border to be colourful and full of flowers. A mix of plant types would be nice, I like the look of ornamental grasses and cottage garden plants especially. Varying heights might add some interest, perhaps taller plants at the back next to the fence, graduating down to low plants at the front. I’ve started pinning plants that might look nice, what do you think?

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