5 crochet gifts for newborn babies

Crochet fox. Image via engsidrun.spire.ee
Image via engsidrun.spire.ee

It really doesn’t seem like almost a year ago that our son arrived but it is. He’s going to turn one in a few weeks and I can’t quite believe it.

It’s been so lovely to watch him grow up this past year. You really can see them growing up before your eyes at this age can’t you?! People used to say that to me but I didn’t really appreciate how true it was until he came along. He’s not a little baby anymore and the down side to that is I no longer have an excuse to make little crochet baby toys.

But it’s OK. One of my friends has just given birth to her second little boy and another is due to have her second baby next month too, so I have an excuse to keep crocheting away.

Here are my favourites at the moment:

  1. Every baby need a little fox.
  2. Little rattles for little hands.
  3. Counting sheep.
  4. Tried and recommended rattle bunny.
  5. A second mention on the blog because it’s such a lovely pattern to make and give.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

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