Thank you Mr Fireman

Hello! I hope you’re all well and you’ve had a lovely Christmas. What are your plans for the New Year? We’ll be celebrating with a quiet evening at home whilst Luke sleeps. I’m quite looking forward to a cosy night at home just the two of us.

We all went out for a walk to the park yesterday. They’ve refurbished a play park near us with all things perfect for Luke’s age right now. He loves that he can climb up and go down the slide all by himself. Whilst we were there a fire engine drove into the street nearby. Luke loves fire engines and wanted to check it out straight away. It wasn’t there for an emergency thankfully so we wandered over to have a look. We stood there for a minute whilst Luke looked on amazed at a real life fire engine. Then the firemen saw he was watching and switched the lights on. The white and blue lights blinked on and off silently all over the fire engine and Luke thought it was just about the best thing ever! Thank you firemen, you made his day.

I managed to steal some time over the Christmas break to make the last of the half triangles I need for Luke’s quilt. I think I have enough to start sewing it up soon. It feels like I’ve been cutting up fabric forever. It’s a big sewing project for me. I’m getting there though and it should be a quicker job to sew all the squares up into the finish quilt. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

half triangles for lukes quilt

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